Obsessive Travel Mama


Hi!  I’m Melissa, the Obsessive Travel Mama!  My blog is dedicated to helping families of all shapes and sizes find new and interesting travel sites in all 50 states!  Since I am rather obsessive and finicky when it comes to, well…. pretty much everything; I’ve set myself a goal of visiting all 50 states – starting with one and then exhausting pretty much everything and anything of interest to do in that state (family related) before moving on to the next one.  I hope to give you an informative and comprehensive view of each state’s attractions, National Parks and Monuments, unique roadside areas, unusual activities and more, all while telling my family’s humorous journey along the way.

I’ve always been a huge Disney fan and lover, but one day a few years back, I started to wonder… what else is out there?  I have always loved to travel, but my family usually focused on the obvious tourist areas – Walt Disney World, Ocean City and Wildwood Beaches, and that sort of thing.  There were so many states I hadn’t been to…. what secrets did they hold?  I decided to start with Maine and work my way down and do you know what I discovered?  THERE IS SO MUCH MORE.  Our first trip to York Beach, ME was the best vacation we had ever experienced up til that point.  I found an intense love of all things unique and unusual – secrets that are one of a kind to each state.  I also amazed myself by realizing what an intense love affair I have with National Parks, Monuments, and Memorials.  From the time I started researching Acadia, I was hooked.

This is my goal for you – to answer that question, ‘What else is there?’.  Because, trust me –  the United States holds an unbelievable treasure trove inside.  Come discover it with me!